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Tangential fan coil units


Unit type
Tangential fan coil units
Galvanized steel sheet
Fan group
Tangential fan
230V/1Ph/50Hz electric motor (6 speed)
Air filter
Filtering honeycomb polypropylene fabric enclosed within a metal frame
Copper pipe into aluminium fins in continuos block
Hydraulic connections
Left (when viewing the outlet)


Compact, slim fan coil units. Available in 5 different sizes and 7 versions to satisfy all installation requirements.
Wall mounted or floor mounted type with supporting feet, with bottom air intake.
Horizontal ceiling mounted type, with rear air intake.
Vertical wall recessed type, with top or front air outlet; horizontal ceiling concealed type with front air discharge.
A wide range of options and accessories is available for complete requirement satisfaction.


Galvanized steel sheet (8/10 mm thick) insulated in all parts in direct contact with the conditioned air.Insulated condensate tray made of galvanised steel sheet, complete with drain plug for complete drainage.
Sides with knock-outs for fast fixing of accessories.
Wall-anchoring slots for easy fixing and levelling of the unit.
Fan group
Tangential fans with statically and dynamically balanced horizontally-oriented aluminium impellers.
Single-phase asynchronous electric motor with overload cutout. 6 speeds of rotation (3 connected).
The motor is directly coupled to the fan and cushioned with flexible mountings to ensure low noise.
Air filter
Filtering honeycomb polypropylene fabric enclosed within a metal frame to facilitate withdrawal and cleaning.
Filtering rate of the standard model: EU1.
Available with different filtering rate on request.
Coils are made of copper pipe expanded into aluminium fins in continuos block. Brass headers with female fittings (GAS threads) and easily accessible air vents.
Water connections are located on the left side (when viewing the outlet).
They may be supplied on the right on request.
Decorative cabinet
Made in hot-dip galvanized steel sheet pre-coated with PVC to ensure high resistance to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, aliphatic solvents and alcohols.
Air grilles made of ABS and the control panel protective flap are inserted in the cabinet top.
Standard colour: white. Other RAL colours are available on request.