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Pre- sales

This is the selection tool implemented by Ventilclima by which the design engineers, design offices, customers and installation engineers are able to select the products in relation to the requests in terms of delivery and performance requirements.
The software provides valid assistance in defining the performance characteristics of the units and is used to provide immediate responses to the Customers. The installation procedure is guided, and in any case you can obtain technical support from the head office where professional and competent staff are available to answer any doubts or provide further clarification.


VENTILCLIMA relies on a national network of service centres able to provide assistance for problems concerning ordinary maintenance of its products.
The head office offers support in case of extraordinary problems requiring an in-depth diagnosis of technical or manufacturing issues.

In the case when a site visit is required to quickly resolve the problems, the head office will agree with the Customer about the type of intervention together with the terms and type of assistance required.
Once the area at issue has been defined, the nearest office will contact the Customer in order to perform the relevant maintenance work.